Gold Killer a leader in the fashion industry!



Gold Killer a leader in the fashion industry!



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Do you want to feel extremely attractive and at the same time be “at ease”? Choose the propositions of the exclusive Gold Killer brand loved by celebrities. This is a great fashion in our home market, and the recognition gained in the prestigious Polish Businesswoman Awards competition for Gold Killer and the founder of the brand Ewelina Oleszkiewicz is a clear proof. High-quality sweatsuits, sweatshirts and suits attract attention and are perfect for both casual and smart casual occasions.


Fashion with a capital “F” not only for women

Gold Killer collections reflect the spirit of contemporary women’s, men’s and children’s fashion. The clothes are extremely comfortable and at the same time made of exclusive materials. The velor sweatsuit, which is one of the brand’s most recognizable propositions, will be perfect not only for sports activities, but also for going out with friends. In turn, tied dresses or blouses are the quintessence of creative fashion, in which you decide whether your styling is more elegant, sensual or extraordinary. You admit that all Gold Killer fashion products will make you stand out. It is worth emphasizing that these are not only proposals for women, but also for men and children. They prove that sports stylizations can have a lot of chic and elegance. A characteristic feature is signing a short weapon in the form of a pattern. It is a symbol of the struggle for individuality, represented by a comfortable, and at the same time unconventional styling. Gold Killer always hits the clue of fashion!


The best textiles for the most demanding customers

All clothes are made with attention to every, even the smallest detail. Thanks to this, in a leather suit or a velor or bamboo sweatsuit by Gold Killer, you can look great and give yourself a lot of self-confidence. Taffeta, silk, high-quality knitwear, cotton – they are also used to create unique brand propositions that precisely kill fashion boredom and blandness. If you want to present yourself exceptionally at the gym or fitness classes, or find a comfortable and stylish tennis set or simply an elegant tracksuit that will perfectly match a fashionable shopper, the Gold Killer offer will certainly meet all your expectations. Gold Killer designs are inspired by the fashion of various decades, from voluminous jackets and puffed sleeves promoted in the 80’s and 90’s or tube dresses, to sensual corsets or women’s trainers, thanks to which you will effectively attract attention. Gold Killer follows the current trends and draws the best from them, reaching even the most sophisticated fashion tastes.