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Are you looking for a blouse for high waisted trousers or a pencil skirt? You don’t have to look any more, because you have a body from Gold Killer at your disposal. This is an excellent proposition for the most demanding women. It combines the features of a blouse and underwear, although of course you can wear seamless underwear underneath them. After all, it’s all about getting the best shape possible.

Body – a blouse that can do more!

Usually tailored blouses emphasize our shortcomings, protruding sides or folds of skin around the shoulders appear. But it is completely different with the body. This special type of blouse with a crotch closure was launched by dancers and ballerinas, and then stormed into smart casual fashion. The fact that it is put on in this way makes the material fully stretched, so that no folds are formed, and the silhouette is slender. You can subtract the centimeters not only in the belly, but also in the waist, and above all emphasize the bust. A long-sleeved body can have a classic cut without a neckline, which makes it perfect for a cocktail styling with a pencil, tulle and flared skirt with a welt at the waist. All you need is a clutch bag and high-heeled pumps to create a smart casual outfit for a special occasion.

Body – an elegant blouse, which will also work well in a set with pants

If you want to choose an elegant blouse that will match perfectly with crease pants, opt for a bodysuit in a chic version. Opaque, elegant knitted material, classic cut, and the highest quality of workmanship make it possible to present yourself alluring and elegant at the same time. An element that adds spice to the styling may be the Gold Killer logo in the form of a short gun on the chest. The body will also look great with culottes or high-waisted cigarillos. If you are always annoyed by the necessity to put the material in the pants and smoothing it, as well as the fact that it is not always possible to arrange the blouse in such a way that it does not deform the figure, choose an unusual body in which you will attract attention instead of a classic shirt. It is worth noting that the matched material in the arms and hands makes each jacket fit perfectly, and the slim fit or waist cut will be even better exposed.

We must emphasize that you can also match the body with Gold Killer sweatpants or leather pants in a set with a jacket. So little is enough for you to show off all your greatest strengths, so be sure to invest in this item of clothing.