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3 piece PONZA set Gold Killer


Art Gold Killer women’s trousers


Bamboo Gold Killer women’s sweatpants


Corduroy Pants Gold Killer


Gold Killer women’s velor pants


Maffi Pants Gold Killer


Mercedes leggings (stripes)


Mercedes Women’s Leggings (Short)


Mercedes women’s pants (reflective) Gold Killer


PONZA pants Gold Killer


Spicy Sports Killer Long Leggings

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Spicy Sports Killer Short Leggings

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Women’s pants can be stylish, comfortable and at the same time delight with originality. If you are fed up with common clothes, and you want to stand out, be sure to use the offer of the Gold Killer store. You will not only be satisfied, but delighted in 100%.

A choice that meets the highest expectations

Women’s pants can make your outfit ultra interesting and you will feel special. Regardless of whether you are going to a party, to work or to study, you can choose a stylish model for a woman of the 21st century. Finally, you no longer have to decide between the quality of the material and aesthetics, because all these features can be found in clothing from the Gold Killer catalog line. Each of your styling will make you attract attention and emphasize the advantages of your figure. You need to know that all models of women’s trousers are an original design, so their aesthetics is in opposition to the word “commonness”. Various variants are available, which have been additionally decorated, for example with a stripe decor or a linear ornament with a gun motif. Contrary to appearances, the symbolism of the gun is not related to violence, but means self-confidence, boldness and independence, as well as non-surrender.

Style and class in itself – show your best side

All models of women’s pants are available in various variants. What they have in common is that they are as fashionable as possible. You can opt for the à la sweatshirt variant, i.e. with welts. They will match perfectly not only with simple blouses or sweatshirts, but even shirts, thanks to which you will gain styles based on contrast, which are currently up-to-date. But you can also choose body shaping leggings, which will further emphasize the shape of the hips, but also slim the waist. In addition to long models, we also recommend cycling pants. They are a hit this season and everything indicates that they will be an absolute must-have for the next few years. We recommend pairing them with long socks and a wide t-shirt. Such styling is perfect for everyday use. But the shorts also go well with smarter casual clothes and look great if you choose an oversized shirt and high heels or boots. A wide range of sizes and color variants means that you will surely find something for yourself. You can choose simple and delicate colors, especially if you like the classics. And if you want to emphasize your colorful personality even more, we recommend the ones in red, mustard or orange.