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Art Gold Killer women’s sweatsuit


Art Velor sweatsuit Gold Killer


Bamboo Gold Killer Women’s Sweatsuit


Bamboo skirt

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Corduroy Bomber Gold Killer


Corduroy Kangaroo Gold Killer


Corduroy Sweatsuit Gold Killer


Mercedes cycling shorts set


Mercedes set stripes (rubbers)


Mercedes Women’s Leggings (Short)


Mercedes women’s pants (reflective) Gold Killer


Mercedes Women’s Sweatshirt (reflective) Gold Killer


Do you think that during sports activity you are doomed to cotton, unattractive tracksuits that have little to do with elegance? Well no! All you have to do is decide on women’s tracksuits from the Gold Killer collection and you will completely change your mind about clothing that has a sporty character. You will discover that it will also be great for everyday activities and by no means you will make a faux pas by wearing such an outfit to meet your friends in the city. In addition, you will find the perfect, representative sports outfit if your work is related to promoting an active lifestyle.

Gold Killer women’s tracksuits – feel free, free and elegant

Who said you have to wear jeans and t-shirts every day? The choice of women’s tracksuits in this case is as good, or even better, after all, you have elastic pants with a welt at your disposal, which perfectly fit your body, and at the same time do not restrict your movements in any way. You can finally feel casual, free and elegant, after all, the loose cut and soft material make you not feel that you are wearing something, and you look great. It is worth noting that the difference between the usual sports sets and the Gold Killer women’s tracksuits is diametrical, because the tracksuits of this brand are made of high-quality bamboo and polyester knitted fabrics, as well as elegant velor, the elegance of which was appreciated already in the Renaissance, when this material was sewn from this material. royal robes. Velor is slightly thinner than velvet and less shimmering than velvet, but in artificial or natural light a bit of glow is visible. Due to the weight, women’s velor tracksuits are perfect for both spring and autumn, and thanks to the lack of lining, also in summer. After all, you can always opt for the short version – with short shorts and short sleeves. It is worth noting that such models fit both sneakers and high-heeled pumps.

The perfect choice for sports activities

If you want to bet not on strictly casual tracksuits with a sporty character, but typically suitable for physical activities, women’s tracksuits made of bamboo and polyester fiber will be a great choice. Knitted tracksuits in the short version are perfect, for example, for cycling. On the other hand, if you are looking for a jogging model at any time, a tracksuit with reflector and the Gold Killer logo will be a great choice. You will not only look great in this outfit, but you will also be safe. The tracksuit will look great in a set with fashionable sneakers or sneakers with reflectors. Cuffs in long tracksuits emphasize and further enhance slim ankles, and at the same time are practical, because the legs can be easily folded up if necessary.