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3 piece PONZA set Gold Killer


Art Short Gold Killer

Original price was: 399,00 zł.Current price is: 319,20 zł.

Art Short Top Gold Killer

Original price was: 219,00 zł.Current price is: 197,10 zł.

Coconut Cream Top Gold Killer


Killer Patrol T-shirt Gold Killer


Loli Diamonds Top Gold Killer


Luna top Gold Killer


Metal top


Mezii Chocolate Top Gold Killer


PONZA top Gold Killer


Set Top and Skirt Velvet Summer Gold Killer


Spicy Sports Killer Boxer Top

Original price was: 159,00 zł.Current price is: 95,40 zł.

Do you like to stand out and attract attention? Do you always choose originality? If your answer is “yes”, then tops are the must-have garments just for you. Thanks to them, you will conjure up many unique styles and you will shine like a star. So it’s time to shop at the Gold Killer Store.

Style written with originality and durability with quality

All tops are unique, and their secret lies in the unique design line, in line with the latest trends, but also ahead of them. Thanks to this, they are not common or ordinary, on the contrary, because they are in total opposition to these words. Each model has something that attracts attention, but also delights, and it is a justified delight, because apart from their aesthetics, the tops are also made of selected fabrics, because your satisfaction matters. It is also worth paying attention to the cut of the tops. You can choose, for example, a metal model that reflects light beautifully. Thus, the phrase “shine like a diamond” fits you perfectly. Of course, these are not the end of the advantages, because the cleavage is quite large, but so profiled that it emphasizes its advantages. Oversize cut provides not only comfort, but also makes the top hide any shortcomings of the figure. But you can also choose a different variant of tops, i.e. choose a crop top model with a matching cut. It has decorations in the form of stripes signed with pistols, which for every woman are a symbol of courage, perseverance and fighting for her rights.

One top, so many possibilities

Gold Killer tops can be the basis of many styles, but also their complement. They can also make every outfit gain a bit of ferocity or a large dose of originality. One thing is for sure, thanks to them you will create many styles and it will fit the woman of the 21st century, who you are. A simple top with a decorative motif can be combined with velor sweatpants and you will get a perfect everyday look, but with a claw. It is also worth choosing a crop top with the motif of pistols with leggings with the same motif. Thanks to this, you will get a monochrome combination, but fully stylish and up to date. On the other hand, if you are going to a party or simply want to attract attention, choose a shiny top with a neckline. It fits, for example, jeans with holes, but also sports pants or cigarillos. All you need to do is choose high heels with studs and a ramones jacket and you are ready for a night of madness and fun in the club. After all, you don’t have to compromise and you can finally choose clothes that reflect you 100%.